Ayurvedic Cleanses for Vibrancy, Longevity and Optimal Health

Fall 10 Day Ayurvedic Cleanse:

Sunday, September 27th through Tuesday, October 6th

Ayurvedic cleanses are used for optimizing and prolonging life by removing physical, chemical and mental impurities from your body to restore you back to a balanced, healthy way of life.

Traditionally we partake in 2 cleanses a year, during the fall and spring, as these are optimal times in the calendar year to clean out excessive toxins, balance the doshas and to re-set habitual eating patterns to a more optimal course.

Ayurvedic philosophy believes that food is medicine and that healthy, nutritional, seasonal foods, whole grains, healing spices, along with disciplined self care are the only medicines we need for vibrant, healthy living. Seasonal cleanses, each fall and spring, are the ideal times to clean house and set us each on the right course for the optimal nutritional and ayurvedic lifestyle.

I will provide everyone participating in the cleanse with an in-depth 18 page manual that will detail every aspect of the cleanse. But for now, and in a nutshell, the Fall Cleanse is 10 days long and starts with a 3 day diet of whole grains, seasonal fruits and veggies, and the removal of unhealthy foods and beverages choices like flour, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, followed by 3 days of the main cleanse - a mono diet of “kitchari” which is a wonderfully healing, warm, deeply cleansing dish of basmati rice, mung beans, healing spices and vegetables. Lastly, 4 days of a rejuvenation phase of slowly incorporating smart food choices back into your diet to create healthier habits and greater balance and harmony this fall.

Daily rituals that balance us (called dinacharya) are also incorporated into every aspect of the cleanse. This is an excellent time to set new habits around healthy living and eating.

For those of you who have done a cleanse with me before, please note that every time you do a cleanse it heals you on a deeper level. Each cleanse is a unique experience. We build up so many layers of toxins over the years… chemical, emotional and physical and each cleanse helps us to rid a unique and unwanted layer of build up, bringing us closer to our highest well being and to a state of greater purity.

Why cleanse at the end of summer?

A great way to release excess pitta dosha from the body (a process called shodhana) is to partake in a guided cleanse at the very end of summer, beginning of fall. This time period is called ritusandhi, and is the joint, or the time period, that joins two seasons together. This is the best time to start a cleansing process.

Even if we have done our best to keep pitta dosha (fire and water) pacified all summer, it has likely accumulated to excess for many of us by September. All of the pitta pacifying seasonal routines we adopted and foods we consumed to stay cool in summer, are the very same foods and actions that can potentially aggravate vata dosha (ether and air) right at the turn of the season. So we start the fall vata season with a cleanse as it is harmonizing and revitalizing for the body.Cleansing at the end of summer brings us to a place of equilibrium so we can enter the fall with clarity and balance.

Once the cleanse is underway, I will send daily morning emails to everyone participating in the 8 day cleanse to encourage and support you in the process, and I will be available to answer any questions you may have each day of the cleanse. The fee for the cleanse is $110.00

Pre-Cleanse Meetings to be held at:

Pilgrims Landing
Sunday, September 20th
12:00 - 1:30 PM
880 Main Street, Chatham MA
508 945 1304

Centerville Yoga and Wellness Center
Sunday, Sepetemeber 20th
1600 Falmouth Road, Rt. 28
Centerville MA
(508) 775-1422

Balans of Boston
Thursday, September 24th
6:30 - 8:00 PM
376 Boylston St Suite 301, Boston, MA 02116
Phone:(617) 450-8333

Contact Bethany at Bethany@theyogafoundation.org
or at 617 967 1100 to register or for general questions